About The Sit Project

The SIT Project is an endeavor in neighborhood solidarity based on the premise that if you see something that is broken, go fix it. I find chairs that have been tossed to the curb and are destined for the landfill, then take them home and re-FAB-ilitate them;  whether that means lassoing a broken arm rest together with colorful duct tape, painting a laughing face on the seat, or simply adding a frilly parasol.  Then I take the newly restored chair and plant it at a bus stop with no seating. It’s that easy.

  • Saturday, July 7th, 2012

    Donation Button!

    Very excited to say that we now have our new donation button up and running and we’ve already been receiving funds to make some new chairs! woot woot!

    Each chair costs about $5-$10 to make depending on how extravagant the piece, so as you can imagine it tends to drain the bank account when I get the urge to create.

    So if you’re interested in being a part of something like SIT, click on the button! Otherwise, enjoy your day!

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