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The SIT Project is an endeavor in neighborhood solidarity based on the premise that if you see something that is broken, go fix it. I find chairs that have been tossed to the curb and are destined for the landfill, then take them home and re-FAB-ilitate them;  whether that means lassoing a broken arm rest together with colorful duct tape, painting a laughing face on the seat, or simply adding a frilly parasol.  Then I take the newly restored chair and plant it at a bus stop with no seating. It’s that easy.

  • Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

    Earth Day chairs continued

    phew… got out there today to put up the last of the chairs from Winter Park’s Earth Day in the Park. So that’s one last pile of things in my office that I can trip over!

    I tried a number of different spots today that I’ve never gone to before. All of them have locks paid for by donations, so I’m hoping they’ll be around for a while. I actually got to visit one of the longest lasting chairs I’ve put out too… I think its been there for almost a year! It definitely needs some love… but I liked the contrast for the photo of the old and new side by side.

    I’ve definitely got the chair planting bug right now. Putting out ten chairs in 2 days was a good way to jump start the SIT passion again. After that last glut was gone in a 24 hour span it affected me a little bit. I always tell people it doesn’t really bother me when the chairs ultimately vanish from the curb, but for that many to go all at once kind of made me question the project.

    So cross your toes my friends, I hope these ones make it.

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