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The SIT Project is an endeavor in neighborhood solidarity based on the premise that if you see something that is broken, go fix it. I find chairs that have been tossed to the curb and are destined for the landfill, then take them home and re-FAB-ilitate them;  whether that means lassoing a broken arm rest together with colorful duct tape, painting a laughing face on the seat, or simply adding a frilly parasol.  Then I take the newly restored chair and plant it at a bus stop with no seating. It’s that easy.

  • Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

    Earth Day Chairs

    So like I said in the last post, I was lucky enough to get a donation from a local arts patron just in time for Earth Day in the Park in Winter Park Florida (Which I coincidentally coordinated for the City as part of my job with Keep Winter Park Beautiful).

    The chairs were arranged in the center of the park in front of the stage all day so people could chill and listen to the amazing music provided by the FANTASTIC  Legendary JC’s.

    After work today I loaded up a few of the newbies and set out to some areas of town where I’ve noticed a lot of people waiting for buses but with nowhere to put their butts. Here’s a few photos of where I put them!

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