Mr Wilson’s chair!

Thanks to the lovely donation of Mr. Wilson, this chair has a new home on Mills Avenue in front of the CFE credit union.

Much love to you Mr. Wilson! Cardboard Art Festival

I have to admit that I haven’t been putting out as many chairs this month… and I apologize to all the grannies out there that have had to clutch to a sign post for lack of seating. I promise to get out there in the next couple of days and help you out!

Part of the reason for the lack of chairbombing, has been because of a new project on the horizon. Myself and a few dear friends of mine, are working together on a fun new event called the Cardboard Art Festival.

It will be taking place at Say It Loud, a really amazing design studio (affectionately known as the “orange building” by most peeps)  in the Mills/50 district of Orlando .

We’ll be filling the space with installations made by a team of fantastic artists (like me!) and then holding 3 days worth of programming in the cardboard fantasticness. Day 1 will be a dj dance party, day 2 will have a matinee movie viewing and then a pop up dinner, day 3 will have another matinee movie viewing followed by a concert/performance.

So check it out!

And I promise to put out some chairs this week!

A new/old type of bench



I’m a regular page turner of’s design section so I wasn’t very surprised when I came across something this morning that I absolutely fell in love with.

Check out this link!

It features this great tradition of using renewable materials to make public seating in the Netherlands. Florida has an abundant supply of reeds, so I’ll looking forward to making my own version of these benches for SIT.

New Chair Alert!

Visit Florida will be doing a big expose on public art in one of their upcoming issues and they’ve decided to cover the SIT project as one of their profiles! VERY exciting. So we’ll be putting out some fresh chairs this weekend.

Also if any of you Sitters out there would like to tag along on a chair planting sometime, just drop me a line and let me know. Guerrilla “Chair Bombing” is always more fun when you have someone to laugh with.

Welcome To Bithlo- art show

I’ve been working for a non profit called ArtReach Orlando all summer, and this week was the launch of our very first installation. We showcased artwork done by children who live in Bithlo Florida, just outside of Orlando. This area is basically the  Appalachians of Florida. Poor, but full of really great, tenacious people.

The installation reflected the Past, Present, and Future of Bithlo using the children’s art, photography by the award winning Willie Allen Jr, and historic photographs of the area’s past. I think it was a big success.

Its up for the entire month of September, after which it looks like we’ll be touring it around Central Florida.

Here’s a glimpse into what we did!

The Corridor Project

Just got finished with an amazing pop up art project on the 5th

Check out for some more information.

Over 50 artists put art in public areas that would normally have no art. I myself did 4 separate installations. So much fun.

We started putting the art out around 5am in the morning. The cardboard stick figures were done by my friend Nathan Sekiloff. Amazing right?