Cardboard Art Festival

I have to admit that I haven’t been putting out as many chairs this month… and I apologize to all the grannies out there that have had to clutch to a sign post for lack of seating. I promise to get out there in the next couple of days and help you out!

Part of the reason for the lack of chairbombing, has been because of a new project on the horizon. Myself and a few dear friends of mine, are working together on a fun new event called the Cardboard Art Festival.

It will be taking place at Say It Loud, a really amazing design studio (affectionately known as the “orange building” by most peeps)  in the Mills/50 district of Orlando .

We’ll be filling the space with installations made by a team of fantastic artists (like me!) and then holding 3 days worth of programming in the cardboard fantasticness. Day 1 will be a dj dance party, day 2 will have a matinee movie viewing and then a pop up dinner, day 3 will have another matinee movie viewing followed by a concert/performance.

So check it out!

And I promise to put out some chairs this week!